Create a New eCommerce Revenue Stream

5mina is a mobile In-App Store that lets you sell within your App merchandise of YOUR brand: 100% hands-off.

Increase Your Revenue

Your LTV is maximized. You fully optimized your Ads waterfall. How else can you generate revenue? This all-new mobile In-App Store technology together with a full-service ecommerce operation, lets you derive an absolute-new revenue stream. Similar to your daily dashboard refresh on AppAnnie or Mopub, just log in and see how much revenue you have made each day, and see who has purchased your merchandise!


Increase Engagement with Your Users

Your users use your app and play your game for a reason, they love your title! Give your users an opportunity to buy merchandise of your brand. They wear your branded t-shirts, they hug your branded pillows. Your app isn't only on their phone. Your app is in their home and it is out in their physical world! Maybe their friends and neighbours will join in on the fun too!


100% Hands-Off

Similar to any ad SDK, just a few lines of code and you're set up. We produce your merchandise for you, keep them in our inventory, and process your orders. In addition, we also provide full-service fulfillment: we pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for all of your merchandise. You have 100% transparency in the whole process.



We offer a full range of merchandise with which you can showcase your app and its artwork. The following are just some of those we are providing at the moment, and we'll continue to add more types of merchandise as our design experts create them. We are your white-label store within your app, and we are your fully automated, end-to-end ecommerce operations.